DSC_9871Support By Design was created in 1998 as a company to support families with the services needed for children to reach their potential.

We Provide evaluation and treatment of children from infants through teenage years. We are a private practice that contracts with early intervention agencies, the department of education, and through private payment.

Our Staff are select, well trained and highly qualified occupational, physical and speech therapists.

We Specialize in “making sense” of each child’s behavioral responses, and helping others “understand” the child. Our goal is to build strong foundation skills for the child to succeed in all areas of functioning, across all environments.  We specialize in building a child’s confidence, trust, and self-esteem.

We Create home programs, exercise regimes, “sensory diets”, and class strategies.  We facilitate and foster team communication.  We offer expertise and consultation on specific problem issues, and have an extensive referral network.

DSC_9655We Love What We Do and this makes the Magic. We turn negative situations into positive challenges with thriving relationships that continue to grow long after the treatment ends. We change, “I can’t” into “I DID IT!”

Progress is based on improvements noted in social skills, cooperative play skills, behavioral organization, strength and coordination, independent self care skills, communication and learning.