Feeding Eval and Treatment

feeding13Support By Design would like to introduce Amy Kantor, a certified and licensed speech therapist with a specialty in feeding and swallowing disorders, difficulties and concerns. Amy is available to help diagnose and treat children with feeding issues. She has multiple years of experience working with children including the “picky eater” with atypical eating behaviors and food selectivity/refusal who experiences negative behavioral reactions to food, children with oral phase deficits and chewing difficulties, and children who present with a co-existing medical etiology resulting in problems with acceptance of certain solids and/or liquids, chewing problems, and/or swallowing complications.”

baby-picky-eaterAmy is currently accepting new patients and is available for scheduling evaluation and treatment sessions.
What to Bring to the Feeding and Swallowing Evaluation
Please bring foods that your child typically eats for snack or lunch. As much as possible, include foods with different textures and consistencies such as pudding or yogurt, soft cookie or soft cooked food such as chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, etc. (easy to bite into and soft to chew solid foods), and chips or crackers (hard solid). Bring any liquid that your child typically drink enjoys drinking. Also, bring from home all the specific containers and utensils that your child typically uses (i.e. cup, straw, bottle, spoon, fork).

Also please do not give food or too much to drink too close to your appointment time. The initial assessment will be the most beneficial if your child is as hungry as possible so that the therapist can observe your child eating and drinking the foods and drink you bring.